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BMW and Mercedes Transmission Service in Costa Mesa

Revitalise and revamp!

When your vehicle starts to show signs of transmission trouble, dealerships often recommend a complete overhaul. However, at Coast MBZ BMW Service in Costa Mesa, we believe in offering honest and reliable BMW and Mercedes transmission services without jumping to extreme solutions. Our team of factory-trained technicians specializes in diagnostics and can effectively restore your transmission using genuine OEM parts, ensuring that a costly replacement is only considered as a last resort.

We pride ourselves on providing dependable maintenance and cost-effective services that are fully compatible with Mercedes and BMW control modules. Trust in our technicians to offer the best solutions for your vehicle, without resorting to unnecessary measures

Reliable Transmission Service and Repair

Our Orange County repair and service shop bring decades of experience working with German cars to our automatic and manual transmission services. Our Mercedes-Benz and BMW maintenance and repairs range from transmission fluid drainage, oil pan removal, and debris inspection to the replacement of filters and gaskets.

We only use synthetic transmission fluid to refill your car, because a healthy and lubricated transmission leads to a happy car, and a happy customer. We believe in building trust with our clients, because a Mercedes or BMW is a special investment. Let us help remind you why you love driving a German car. Stop by today.

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