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Preferred Mercedes-Benz Specialist in Costa Mesa

This is not your everyday 'in-and-out' service garage. When you roll in with your cherished Mercedes-Benz, you are not just another appointment on the books. You are stepping into Justin’s realm, where each vehicle is greeted as a distinguished guest, and attention to detail is the standing order of the day.

Justin operates with more than just a set of tools – he's armed with an arsenal of diagnostic wizardry and a deeply-rooted intuition that comes from years of dedication to the craft.

At Coast MBZ BMW Service, We Believe That Service Isn't Just about the Fix

It's about fostering a symbiotic relationship between car, driver, and technician.

The heartbeat of this high-caliber service center is a cutting-edge system that keeps track of your Mercedes-Benz's needs like a guardian angel with a toolbox. Scheduling is a breeze, communication is crystal clear, and transparency isn't just a buzzword – it’s a promise that you’ll be part of the journey, every step of the way.

From the moment you hand over your keys to the instant you’re sliding back into the driver’s seat, Justin is your Mercedes-Benz’s best friend – ensuring that when the rubber meets the road, it does so with the grace and power that only a meticulously cared-for machine can deliver.

We Offer the Following Repairs and Services for Mercedes

  • Oil Change
  • A Service
  • B Service
  • A / C Service
  • Alignment
  • Brake Flush
  • Brake and Rotor Service
  • Transmission Service
  • Diagnostic
  • And much more

Reliable Mercedes A and B Service

To keep your car running like new, scheduled maintenance is important. Whether you’re near the mileage mark or in need of repair, we provide Mercedes A and B service. When does your Mercedes-Benz require each service? Check the flexible service system near the speedometer.

The Mercedes A-Service entails an oil change after 10,000 miles, or one year after purchase. The Mercedes B-Service is continued maintenance that’s required every 20,000 miles. B-Service includes replacement of the main cabin filter and oil, fluid level checks and corrections, brake component inspections, and wheel alignment. Increase your Mercedes’ lifespancall us today for a quote.

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