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Orange County’s Preferred BMW Service Center in Costa Mesa

Say goodbye to the humdrum of ordinary car services and hello to an extraordinary experience that cherishes your BMW as much as you do. With technicians who speak the language of precision engineering, we not only fix what's under the hood but also ensure your ride continues to purr with passion.

Our state-of-the-art facility is more than just a service center; it's a sanctuary for your vehicle. We imbue every oil change, brake service, tire rotation, and system diagnostics with the highest standards of quality, using only premium BMW parts to ensure your machine runs as smoothly as the day you first turned its key.

But let's not forget about you, the driver. While we care for your car, step into our customer lounge, a space designed for your comfort and convenience. It's the perfect spot to unwind or catch up on work, with Wi-Fi access and refreshments on the house. You won't even feel the time slipping by as we return your BMW to its prime.

At our Costa Mesa Service Center, We Don't Just Service BMWs – We Reinvigorate Them!

We understand that this isn't just about transportation; it's about an experience, a lifestyle. That's why we commit to excellence with every appointment. Your BMW is more than just a vehicle, and so our service goes beyond the ordinary.

Drive in, and let us envelop your car with the care it deserves while you indulge in the luxury of our client-focused environment. After all, you and your BMW are not just our clients; you're part of a prestigious legacy – and we service accordingly. Welcome home to your BMW service center in Costa Mesa

We Offer the Following Repairs and Services for BMWs

  • Oil Change
  • A/C Service
  • Alignment
  • Brake Flush
  • Brake and Rotor Service
  • Transmission Service
  • Diagnostic
  • And much more

Trustworthy BMW CBS Maintenance

Newer BMWs are equipped with Condition Based Servicing (CBS), an electronic operating system that intuitively communicates when components require replacement or service. We provide affordable and efficient BMW CBS maintenance, because your safety is our priority. At Coast MBZ, we perform your BMW’s preventative maintenance recommendations with precision and accuracy every time.

This helps increase protection and performance of your car and extends the period of time between repair shop visits. Our technicians conduct a range of CBS services – from the replacement of engine oil and cabin air filters, brake pads, coolant, and brake fluid, to the examination of spark plugs, and more. We kept BMWs safe on the road for more than 40 years. Join our community of satisfied customers. Contact us today.

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