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Top-Rated Mercedes and BMW Diagnostic Specialists in Costa Mesa

Coast MBZ BMW Service has satisfied Mercedes-Benz and BMW owners in Costa Mesa and throughout Orange County for decades. Our meticulous and efficient ethic shows in the work we do—especially in our Mercedes and BMW diagnostic tests. We correctly diagnose and fix your car same-day. And we always do it right the first time.

While some car owners believe diagnostic tests are only necessary when the check engine light is on, there are proven benefits to routine inspections. Diagnostic tests allow you to quickly pinpoint problems that aren’t immediately visible, and postpone your vehicles decline. As a devoted community repair shop, our goal is to be your first choice in dependable Mercedes and BMW service.

Why Our Car Diagnostic Service Is the Best

When your check light engine turns on, it’s time to take your Mercedes or BMW to a certified car diagnostic service center. We perform diagnostics for engine, traction control, and suspension warnings with procedures that are comprehensive and precise. First, we examine your car with a full engine check and scan every component of your vehicle. From there, we pull fault codes from different modules and identify which need repair, then test the problem system.

We identify problems with the engine, transmission, brakes, and other major parts—so you don’t have to come back until your next scheduled maintenance appointment. When your Benz or BMW needs repair, let us be your neighborhood one-stop shop. Get to know us today.

Our Services

BMW Service

Top-notch BMW maintenance and repair

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Mercedes Service

Top-notch Mercedes maintenance and repair

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Brake Service

Free courtesy inspection & same-day repair

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Check engine light on? We have you covered

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Transmission Service

30+ years’ of reliable, unbeatable service

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